Natural Therapy--Yoga

  Yoga therapy allows us to understand how to use yoga to perform a comprehensive series of treatments related to the potential and existing diseases of the human body; yoga is never a complete treatment system, but yoga can provide us with a physical and mental health. Technology and methods, we can use to fundamentally improve our health, prevent diseases and control the treatment of diseases.

  Yoga is a science of human practical experience that provides a way we can explore all aspects of life, including joy and pain, health and disease, mood and state of mind, and the state beyond them. In this way, we can discover that our inherent and incomplete self is improved through our own individual experience.

  Through yoga physiotherapy, we transform our perceptions of disease and pain and the experience of practice so that they can become part of the body and mind path, a method and means of developing physical intelligence and gaining a smart life.
Yoga-tantra allows us to find the meaning and purpose of life through all the experiences of life, and to complete and realize it.

  The conditioning of physiotherapy yoga courses includes: body parts, mood disorders, mentality awareness and so on.