Why we create tattoo furniture

“yes, it’s my work, but it’s a passion”

JC Sheitan Tenet, a tattoo artist with the world’s coolest prosthetic hand, lost his arm 22 years ago, but for him, the message is always positive, he only lost a arm, but nothing else, he has an unbelievable courage and impossible idea. He began to teach himself, alone, how to tattoo, and now he has been a tattoo artist for about 8 years. Tenet’s prosthesis arm was design by Jean Louis Gonzal, who is a bit of biomechanical style, played an important part in his career, the gradual improvement made Tenet more powerful and they increasingly believe that tattoo is a sculpture that becomes something much more interesting.

Tenet and Gonzal’s persistence and infinite imagination inspired us and we deeply aware that if you want to do something, do it then go from there. So we found Tat Artists, a professional and potential tattoo equipment brand. For us, tattoos are permanent, they are memory preserver, once you decide to do it, then, do it. Find a passionate tat artist, record your story. For tat artists, nothing can limit dream and passion, Pick up Tat Artist tattoo tools, exert your talents, to be an enthusiastic storyteller.

Simple to complex structure, single style to full-set design , we have been working hard, with unique imagination,  professional technical equipment. Change do not happen overnight, but our goal is consistent, as long as you are determinate and enthusiastic, we will accompany you all the way.

tattoo,for courage,imagination and passion.